VDF SIG May 24 2011

A packed VDF SIG meeting gave UK VDF Developers a first look at where Visual DataFlex is going as a development system in its next releases. As the day progressed, it became apparent that VDF is now firmly moving in the direction of Web Application development, and is now, and will become even more so in the future, a very effective development tool for this environment.

With the emphasis on the opportunity and need to embrace web application development, it was encouraging that there was very little resistance to this message from the audience. This may be the point at which web application development really starts to take off within the UK VDF developer community. 

As well as our VDF SIG material, do also take a look at the full list of Synergy Conference presentations.


VDF and the Internet
This turned out to be the major theme of this VDF SIG meeting. After a phase in which Windows application development took front of stage, with the Codejock classes, it is now the turn of the Internet, with Web Application development facilities set for some major new capabilities over the next year or so. If we look at this article, we can see that the Web is beginning to outscore Windows for ease of deployment and maintenance.

Vincent Oorsprong, from Data Access Europe, covered the subject of where the VDF AJAX Library has got to as of today, with the implications that this is a starting point for much further development in the VDF Web Application development capability.

Rouel Schijf, Designer & Engineer, Data Access Europe Graphics presented his Synergy material, dealing with the process of graphic design, how it fits in the flow of application and website development, and its importance in terms of usability and end user acceptability. Much of this presentation had a distinctly Web application bias, thought he principles are universally applicable.

Vincent’s second presentation as an update on Visual Report Writer which has just seen a new release to accommodate VDF v16.1, plus some minor enhancements.

Martin Pincott (Asckey Data Services) took a look at Business Process Objects, covering why, when and how to use them. Operating in the background, BPOs provide processing capabilities that can be called from either Windows or Web Applications, one of the reasons why application development with VDF covers both platforms.

Pete Mustoe (Focus INet) showed off a very impressive VDF Web Application derived as a conversion from a VDF predecessor and now in use globally by Columbian Carbon,a global major chemicals enterprise. Pete is a very "ordinary" VDF developer, working, like most of us, on his own and dependent on client application success for his living. This is a truly impressive new web application, and "if Pete can do it, any of us can!"

As well as a PPT on the project, at the end of Pete’s material there is a list of  resources useful for anyone getting into Web application development.

At the end of the day, Chris Hibbert, (Asckey Data Services) using the Synergy "VDF 17 Roadmap" presentation, looked at where this emphasis is going to be taking us over the next VDF releases.