A Web Application - HelpDesk Express

Vincent Oorsprong (Data Access Europe) presented Helpdesk Express, an excellent and highly usable example of an interactive web application created with the AJAX techniques. A "real" Web Application, Help Desk Express incorporates Data Access’s experience of supporting software development and application users, and will be available for purchase both as is, and with source code for onward development.

Although not yet fully  developed, HDE is a nice example of  the kind of application that can be produced with the AJAX Library.

These screenshots give some idea of the look and feel that can be achieved. If you would like access to explore this pre-release preview, contact You will have to "forgive" the usual clutter of test records! 

The "Start Centre". This provides access to all aspects of HDE, including at a glance summary statistics. HDEStartCentreSmall
Details for an individual ticket. The look up list is a nice example of a well controlled and nicely presented look up list in the context of a web application HDE Ticket record
You can add support incidents to a Knowledge Base which is then available to all with access to the system and provides a self service resource for problem solving. As with all Knowledge Base systems, conscious effort has to be put into maintaining it! HDE Knowledge Base

 Source Code
While you can use Help Desk Express as is, it will be available with source code. So you can alter it, or add to it as you feel necessary for your needs. What DAE have created is for software support, which is what they - and many of us - do, but even as is could be relevant to other support needs. And with minor tweaking, to even more. 

Still in development.  

You will need somewhere to run it! You could look at one of the “Cloud Computing” providers, but we (Asckey Data Services Ltd) have plenty of capacity to run VDF Web Applications for you!