VDF 15 Studio - what you might not have discovered!

Martin Pincott (Asckey Data Services Ltd) presented a run through of the elements of the Studio, and of VDF 15.0 development that have particularly caught his attention. Look through the PPT here.

As well as presenting a round up of the V15 added features of particular interest, Martin was able to indulge in a little speculation on V15.1.

  • Improvements
    • Tab Window interface
    • Workspace Explorer Interface
    • Web Service Client
    • Active X
  • New
    • AJAX with JSON
    • WebApp 64 bit IIS support
    • XML 6.1 support
    • Quick Open Toolbar

And then for VDF 16 in 2010 -  

  • New Grid and List Classes!

Martin also updated developments in the VDF SIG Codejock support 

  • Improvements to Report Control
    • Field chooser support
    • Tree report support
    • Progress bar option
  • User setting support
  • Docking Panel overhauled
  • Ribbon Menu Bar
  • Help system which can be used from within the Studio 15.0 >
  • Various undocumented feature improvements

If you are not aware of the work done by Martin and various of the VDF SIG developers, look here,   it goes quite a way beyond the (already excellent) Codejock support that comes with VDF Studio