VDF SIG 17 June 2010 - VDF 2010/V16 Training


With VDF 2010/v16 approaching release, and offering a new, much better, and very different grid class, this SIG meeting was given over to hands on training on the new classes, and to Codejock controls support in general.
More than usually therefore, this report can only be a summary of the material presented. For those who were unable to attend, keep an eye on the Data Access Webinar Library.  There are currently 2 Webinars available on the new Grid class –

The New VDF 2010/V16 Grid Classes

For a Data Access introduction to these, see John Tuohy’s presentation slides from EDUC The new grid is based on the Codejock Extreme report control.   From  a  “what do we get” point of view, this control, and...

VDF SIG Codejock Framework

The afternoon session moved on to the VDF SIG framework classes.  Subsequent to the initial Codejock support provided by Data Access in VDF, some VDF SIG members got together and extended this to include many more of the controls included in the...

Downloading & Accessing the VDF SIG Codejock Framework

Read much more about the VDF SIG Codejock Framework here    The full list of supported classes is here   The Codejock Xtreme SuitePro™ is here   Download While there is a conventional downloadable zip file,...