Subversion - enabling Multi-developer cooperation

Subversion is an open source implementation of an excellent version control and file sharing system that can run across the Internet. Pak Chan (Asckey Data Services) gave a presentation of Subversion, and its uses. The PPT here contains a number of screen shots and gives a very good overview of both what Subversion can do, and how it is used.

As well as the obvious attractions of working with a proper version control system, establishing a full source code library on an "off site" basis, always accessible from a web browser, and always backed up for you as part of the service, seemed to present a highly attractive option to some of the developers present, particularly those who spend a lot of time out on site, with all the hassles of a vulnerable laptop being the prime source code location. Working on line to an off site repository, or even just synchronization to such on return to base would be a huge benefit.
That being so, Asckey Data Services Ltd offering Subversion as a full service, starting from £100 per repository with up to 5Gig per repository and with as many users as you would reasonably want.
As a version control system, Subversion works well in controlling joint development. You can even have two people editing the same file at once, with provisions for resolving conflicts when the second save is made. Or you can be more conventional and check out a file for exclusive editing it that makes you nervous!
Contact us if you would like to explore this possibility. Not restricted to VDF SIG interests only, or even UK residents!
See our full data sheet here.